It would have been better if I had the guts to tell you how I felt
I shouldn’t have waited all these time
Now you will never be mine
Cos your hers
Whenever I saw you I felt so shy to approach you
When I came close I felt so shy to talk to you
I finally spoke to you but I still couldn’t tell you
How I felt
We became friends just so I could be close to you
But that was wrong because you couldn’t see my true feelings
I wanted you all of you but now your gone
You will never be mine
I hated seeing you two together
I wanted it to be me But you choose her
You made me your best man
Now your forever gone
I shouldn’t have waited
Now I get no chance to show you how I felt
I shouldn’t have kept quiet
Thought I had all the time
Thought you could see through me
But now I see different
Am only going to be that
Best friend forever
It shouldn’t have been so.
It’s a love triangle poem. I wonder how many of us had been and still are in such a situation….. I think we should learn to speak out our mind we never can tell how it might turn out to be……. From love to “friend Zone”.
I would like to hear your opinion of what you would do if you find yourself in this situation be you a man or a woman.
Picture gotten from Google from one of my favorite Bollywood movie……..


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  1. Hmmm,love triangle. One of the problems of our youthful adventures. I think its something we have all gone through and probably still going through. It is really sad.

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