It’s a beautiful morning…. It’s the first day of a wonderful month…. It’s my birth month. Happy new month to everyone…. 
Today am feeling grateful for a lot of things..
What exactly does it mean to be grateful? “feeling or showing an appreciation for something done or received”.. According to Terence Brown,” the answer is the sense of fulfilment you feel when something has made you happy. The feeling of elation you get when you really think about the luxuries in your life.”
Being grateful is not taking anything for granted. Looking at your life – the good and the bad – embracing it, and realizing that ultimately you have power to guide this life that you’ve been blessed with in whatever direction you desire. It may not be easy, it may not be fair, and you will encounter resistance along the way, but at the end of the day you will look back and marvel at your resilience!

I asked around what does it mean to be grateful? So many people have different opinion about it. 

  • Being aware & acknowledging that you are blessed with the basic needs & necessities of life, w/o you asking or struggling for it, like food, water, clothing.
  • Being aware that, you have parents , who have given birth to you & they did their best to provide you, whatever best they could, sacrificing their pleasures. 
  • Being thankful for this gift/opportunity called LIFE!

Like I said earlier, am feeling very grateful to God today.. Not that I don’t give gratitude to him every single day. I do. But today is different. Today is special. There’s this joy I feel from within. Maybe because tomorrow is my birthday… 
It’s been a very good year… A lot of ups and down but God saw my family and I through them all. When I tell people I have been through a lot, they wonder what exactly I mean. Most of us have our stories to tell and I guess today is my turn…. 
Am grateful to God for a lot of things…. Despite loosing my aunt, my grandmother, my uncle, my precious dear little brother (didn’t all die the same year). There was a time every year someone died but thank God it’s all over. It was scary, in fact at a point our faith was shaken. I know we served God as a family. I wouldn’t just say served God we are strong Christians, especially my mum. My brothers case was the worse. I remember nights and nights of mid night prayers, days of fasting, seed sowing and yet……. But am still grateful… Am grateful to God for the failed relationship, disappointment and heart break I went through. Am grateful to God for becoming who I am.. I am grateful to God for Nnamdi Ofoegbu (I can’t explain or quantify what you did and continue to do for me.  
Last year towards the end of the year, around this period. I started hearing voices telling me I would die.. I refused telling my parents because  I didn’t want them to worry. I was scared to leave the house, I was constantly sad, I felt every good bye was the last. Did I pray? Yes I did. I couldn’t let the devil take control. Finally my mum found out and joined me in prayers…. And I survived.. Yes am still alive and would continue as long as God wishes… 
Am grateful to God for the gift of life, am grateful for my family, am grateful for where I am today. Am grateful for his grace, his love and his mercy. I am grateful for friends and family. For every single person I have come across in life and has created an impact (positive and negative). Am grateful to God for the vision of “More to Life” because I know he has a reason for it…. 
Am super grateful for tomorrow….It’s going to be my birthday… Even if I wished I was going to be married before my birthday (can’t stop laughing), am still grateful. 
Let’s talk about you…. What are you so grateful for? It’s time to say out loud and share with us what are you so grateful for? 
It’s all about you………Never forget that. 



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  1. I am grateful because God has shown me love in so many ways. I am grateful he kept me alive,kept my family and friends alive. I am grateful for the wonderful people he brought my way,for every good and bad experience I had. I am grateful to God for creating a personality like you Miss Precious. God bless you and crown your efforts with divine success.

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