Good day everyone….. Today I have decided to share some of the inspirational quotes that keeps me going and motivated. A lot of us have different quotation or sayings either written by others or composed by us. 
Below are 15 different quotes composed by me. I hope it speaks to you the same way it does to me. 

  • There’s always an opportunity for you to change your story. 
  • Stop over thinking and calculating put into action your dreams. 
  • Your humble beginning is the formation stage of who you would become. 
  • My greatest fear other than death is leaving this earth without touching the lives of people positively. 
  • Fall in love but don’t be stupid, forgive but don’t make excuses, let go, but learn from it. 
  • We enslave ourself by dwelling in the past rather than working into the future. 
  • Running away only means you would one day walk back to face it again. 
  • Asking for directions doesn’t make you a fool. It only means you are open minded and willing to learn. 
  • It’s easy to be broken if your mind is broken. 
  • Your Lips speaks what your mind conceives so think wisely. 
  • Never remain in silence because your words can save a lot. 
  • At a point in my life, my dreams became slow, my time ran fast, I felt I had lost, until I remembered God has a reason for everything. 
  • We are the molding of God. The perfect creation of his. Let our hearts be pure and let our hearts be free so he can use us as he pleases. 
  • My story is different from your story. But together we can change the story of another. 
  • Dream dreams that when it becomes a reality you would be proud to have once been a dreamer that made a move. 

    One day, I would take each quote and analyze them….Tell me which quote spoke to you the more…. And how it did. I would also like you to share your own favorite quote (either by you or by anyone). 
    The above was written and composed by Abazuom Precious C. 
    It’s about you……. Never forget that. 


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