Today’s write up begins with an illustration… I hope you have the patience to read through till the very end. 
Kpom Kpom Kpom 
I heard on the door 
Kpom Kpom Kpom 
The knock continued. 
I wondered to myself who would that be 
Standing up to take a look
At first I was reluctant 
Kpom Kpom Kpom 
The knock continued 
I refused to ask who it was 
Maybe I should have 
As I peeped through the key hole
Behold he was but a child 
Where commeth thou
At this hour of the night 
Maybe his hungry
No! Maybe his lost 
Maybe I should open the door 
Maybe I can help 
Kpom Kpom Kpom 
The knock continued
As I opened the door 
I held his little hands
I asked the only question on my mind 
Without realizing how scared he was
How may I help you with child 
He whispered in a low tone 
You don’t have to answer every knock 
It was too late already 
Indeed too late 
With just one gun short “puff” 
I fell to the ground……………
With my whole life flashing before me
I wished I never answered that knock 
I wished I never looked through
I wished I never stepped out 
Maybe, only maybe I could’ve been alive 
As I closed my eyes to say goodbye 
I woke up from this terrible dream
Oh! I had been sleeping for hours 
As I pondered on the dream 
Kpom Kpom Kpom 
I heard on the door 
Kpom Kpom Kpom 
The knock continued…………… 
This peom “the knock” goes beyond the ordinary knock we know about. It’s a new week and we get this knock in different areas of our lives. It could be in our relationship, our place of work, our business, our school, Etc. This knock, represents a new thing. A new beginning.
Most times, we as human beings jump into things (relationship, business, friendship) without thinking or trying to look beyond. We never tend to wonder “what if”. A lot of like this character gets the privilege of getting the warning. Some adhel, while zone don’t take it as anything. It’s good to see the good in everyone but it’s good to wonder what if. 
We tend to always see the innocence in others, making us forget to be careful. My advice for this week is, that we should be careful and not be too quick to open your doors. Opening these doors can be a thing of good or bad. So let’s all try to weigh our options and prayerful observe everything and anyone we hope to face or deal with……. It’s a thing of trust…… Don’t be fooled and don’t fool anyone. 
Let’s go back to the poem…. What do you think she did when the knock continued? What would you do if you were in her place and the knock continued? 
It’s all about you…… Never forget that. 



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