I actually wanted to write yesterday on Health but I couldn’t.. I started my day arguing with my sister  concerning her right to wear my clothes as long as it was not on the hanger.. Am sure you won’t want to hear the rest of the story.. Well, I went to work still in a good mood because my sister would always be my sister no matter what.. I got to the office before 8:30am, did my work, ate breakfast and it was all Peaceful until we were told that we would be having an official meeting. The look on the face of my boss meant all was not well.  As usual, we all sat facing him in his office. I know you would be wondering in your mind the population of people that could possibly fit into his office. Don’t think too far, we were just 7 and his office is very spacious.
 We started the meeting with opening prayer we have never actually done before, second reason to believe something was wrong. Did I tell you I have two bosses? Oh! in case I didn’t, I have two bosses. A man and a woman. I have actually been talking about both. The woman Mrs G led the prayer and started the meeting until Mr X took over, he gave us the newly emphasized rules and regulations which I was trying to wrap my head around until he spoke about Miss D our newly employed staff and then it was my turn.. I couldn’t understand if he was trying to motivate us but he made statements that sounded like insult to me. I stand to be corrected, I know different people have different ways to motivate people but to the best of my knowledge, you don’t degrade people, make them feel useless in the name of motivation. To cut my long story short, my boss spoke to me specifically in a manner I couldn’t bare. I became emotional. I started crying without realizing it. Yes, in front of the whole staff. I couldn’t hide my feelings. I wasn’t even allowed to speak. He had never spoken to me this way before. To the best of my knowledge, I did my job well. I never missed coming to work no matter how sick I was, so what did I do wrong. After the meeting, my boss(female) tried to make me feel better. She spoke to me at length and promised to talk to him. My first instinct after the meeting was to quit. I know some of you would say why? Especially knowing the number of unemployed people on the streets but at that moment I couldn’t see myself working where I won’t be appreciated or where I would be spoken to like am nothing… I needed to breathe. I needed to speak to someone. 3 of my colleagues came to my table to talk me out of leaving. Letting me know that this wasn’t the best solution.. 
Guess you want to know what I finally did. Well I went back to my table after speaking with my boss (female) I told God to take control. The more I tried to do something else, the more his words lingered in my head. So I went to my phone and Googled “Things to do when you are having a bad day”.
I only had time to quickly read through what SIRENA BERNAL WROTE.

  • Listen to a favorite song and sing along.. I quickly went through my play list and did as I was told.. It did help to an extent while I kept on reading. 
  • Take a shower – so I was at work and I couldn’t do this.. But I guess if I was at home, I might have tried that. 
  • Watch a funny YouTube video – I didn’t even need to search for one. As if she knew what I read, she called my attention to watch a comedy video on her phone. It did actually put a smile on my face got awhile. 
  • Pet an animal – aside from the fact that I was in the office I I wondered how petting an animal would make me feel better. Well maybe it helps others. 
  • Give and get a hug -well this point would definitely make me cry more. 
  • Practice deep breathing… Well this I do often when someone gets me upset. But getting me upset I’d kind of different from how I felt yesterday. 
  • Write about what’s bothering you and write what am grateful for- I wrote exactly how I felt in my writing journal and I was grateful to God for creating and protecting  me because I know I am special and different for a purpose. 
  • Do some light body weight exercise… I couldn’t do it.. Except cracking my fingers and neck counts. 
  • Walk bare foo on the grass- so I walked out for awhile around the premises but not bare foot because it rained and the grass were wet.. 

Today, I came to work knowing who I am and deciding that no one can make me feel less of myself. I might not have slept well but there’s more to be grateful for.. Am actually sharing this post to get your own opinion on WHAT YOU DO WHEN HAVING A BAD DAY. It could be at work, in school, in the market, at the hospital, every and anywhere let us know what you do to pull through the day. 
Thanks for always reading my post. Please don’t forget to like and share the post.. Have a nice day.. 


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  1. Well is a nice post..what I do when I’m having a bad day!!!! The only way I can have a bad day is when you ask me not to listen to my songs or not not drink a glass of cold water….. as long as I have my music and cold water you can’t still my joy for anything…

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