Today I sat at work thinking about how I was spending my day. It’s a Saturday I know but as usual I was at work. Saturdays are usually known for weddings. It’s either your getting married, or someone is or your attending one.
In our society today, especially a typical Nigerian family, no matter your age, as long as your out of school, the next question is when are you getting married?. Actually I ask this question everytime I get asked when I am getting married, “Must everyone get married”? Don’t get me wrong, I do want to get married but the question makes you feel am getting too old.
I am one of those ladies that frequently check wedding rings and wedding gowns on Instagram. My phone is filled with screen shots upon screen shots.

Every day I see a new wedding or engagement ring or even a wedding gown, I keep imagining how my day would be. I think every lady does that.
So about my “perfect day” I want a simple, beautiful and perfect wedding. Nothing elaborate because I don’t really believe in “A LOUD” wedding but I believe in the institution of marriage. I believe in “My forever”. I look forward to more important things in my marriage than just the day.
People use to say make the day more special and elaborate because you only get married once. But I think the saying was just overrated because nowadays, that’s not true. People get married, throw flamboyant parties, wear the most expensive dress and jewelry and the next thing you hear is, they are divorced.
I want to be married to that special someone that I would spend my forever with. I believe and I know that one of this Saturdays would be my day. The beginning of my forever, the starting of a new story. 
Tell me how you spend your Saturday and let’s talk about your forever….. Weddings are usually tagged to women but I know most men also talk about the beginning of their forever.


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  1. My dream wedding would be a very natural theme….old school songs playing. gazing lovingly into the arms of a man who loves me almost as much as my God loves me, who shares my views and beliefs, who accepts all of me, my flaws, my fears, my worries, someone who completes me, someone who’s not afraid to be real with me.. Someone who appreciates nature. I don’t care if we’re rich or not, but we must be humble people. Together we make the world a better place, we’d be this best friend couples who’s not afraid to confront and appreciate each other. We’d be so loving to each other and to other people because we understand the love of God and have it in our hearts. I don’t know. …is that too much to ask.. .

  2. I used to dream of not getting married… Cause of the pressure, cause I also wanna be successful and not intimidated by my husband wealth…. Always dreamt of being miss independent or a single mom…. Cause of some issues I had face I lost hope in marriage… But I never dreamt of an elaborate wedding… Always said I needed just a few guest of 50…lol
    But now I realized I was just selfish about it…. Now I say if I meet the right person let him just be right and let me just be right for him too through Christ Jesus… Smile

    1. That’s interesting.. And I thank God for changing your views about marriage. I know what we see and experience most times discourage us. Marriage is a beautiful thing.. Just meeting the right one not the perfect one is our prayer. Amen

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