Good morning dear readers, and today is going to be a little different. Yes is going to be about relationships and am still going to be using a painting done by my friend Jake Solo. And yes I have the permission to use it.
Jake Solo did a painting he tittled “We need to talk”.

This painting got me thinking. How long do we keep things bottled up in our relationship?  Do we keep quiet until we can no longer take it? How often do we talk to our partners? And  for women, at what point do we use the phrase We need to talk? And for the men, how do you feel when you hear her say we need to talk? 
I remember this young man I was dating when I was much younger. For the first time I told him we need to talk, he was scared. I could see it in his eyes. I without having to say anything, he started saying ” Babes, I know I haven’t been on my best behavior of recent, I just want to say am sorry and no matter what just know I love you and it’s you I want.. I could only smile because I at this point I couldn’t say what and how I felt.
How do you deal with a cheating partner? How do you keep loving someone when you know hasn’t been faithful. How do you keep hoping for a future when you can see him and what he is in the present. How do you keep hoping and praying for a change when he’s not helping.
I saw this painting and several people commented. Someone said you need to fight for your love. Now my question is how do you fight for someone who doesn’t want to be fought for? I asked my ex, why do you cheat? He couldn’t explain. Then he said “no matter who I go to bed with or how I flirt with, they all know you are my woman”. It took me long enough to wake up from my sleep.
It was high time I say I have heard enough. “I can’t take it no more” when do we say “Enough is enough?” when you decide to take a bow out of an abusive relationship. Abusive I mean disrespectful, series of heart break, insults etc. It doesn’t mean you didn’t fight for your relationship or that you didn’t love your partner enough. It just means you have heard enough and have decided to love yourself more and have decided to more on.
I have been talking majorly on relationship of unmarried people. I used myself as a case study. It is to an extent easy to work out if we can’t bare it anymore. But I have a major question for those married. What do you do when you have heard enough? Because you know a lot is at stake here? How and when do you have that serious talk with your partner? What do you do or think we should do to save our marriages for those of us married?
Please let’s just try and read and give our opinions and views because someone somewhere is waiting and hoping to get an advice on how to tackle this present situation.. 


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  1. Nice, but in as much as I don’t like to talk abt relationship, all I knw is that every man cheats, that’s the fact, as a lady, never assume that ur man is faithful, with this in mind you wld have had the emotional shock absorber to absorb of future occurrence when u find him cheating. Amber Rose says and I quote ” every man cheats but the one that loves you won’t let you catch him”. Another lady said that when you are with a man, it’s your turn, the moment u are not with him, he belongs to someone else, again some one said, a man automatically becomes single the moment he sees a girl that he likes, whether he’s single or taken, finally, another traumatized lady says ” the only woman that knws the whereabouts of her husband is a widow” I rest my case.

      1. Hmmmm….. Nice work uve done but ayav an issue with someone saying “all men are flirts” seriously I will rather say “it’s in d nature of a man to flirt” however some of us TRY so much 2 prove dat wrong. But sincerely “two can not work tugeda xcpt they agree” so if they can agree to c an issue in d relationship weda married or unmarried trust me they’ll have a way to tackle it.

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