Behold this little girl in an empty environment
Where only shadows who claim to be human beings,
Live suffering from depression.
Reaping and singing alone,
Living alone, talking, playing and weeping.
Alone she cuts and binds the grain
And sings a melancholy strain.
Will no one wonder what she sings?
For her face looks happy
But her heart seems troubled
Looking at her alone I can feel
And see what troubles her
She has been deprived of so many things in life
She has fallen a victim
Of nature being cheated upon.
Yet knowing how she feels
I still cannot do anything.
Written by Abazuom Precious.


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  1. Beautiful! You have spoken well, talking to the right person is number one, heeding to good advise is the main thing. Wish every girl will read this or better still be taught & groomed well.
    Thumbs up girl 👧.
    More grace, more knowledge & wisdom from God.

  2. What a trick of fate! What an irony of life, Quite very unfortunate, do pray she gets the right help while still believing that her destiny is in d hands of GOD of possibilities

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