Today, we are going to talk about a fun topic.. Using NIGERIA as a case study, I stand to be corrected but I noticed that our mothers, our sisters and our wives relax and let motherhood consume them.  Once they become mothers,  they forget they were once girlfriends, finances, wives before mothers..
I was watching a show, and the man of God asked a couple  an important question, “what’s the most important thing in your marriage? ” they both answered” Our children “. The pastor quickly corrected them.  He said they were both wrong because the most important thing in their marriage was themselves. ” without yourselves, there can’t be children, so how do u say your children are the most important thing?
The truth is,  the mist of whether a bad marriage, good marriage, women like I will always say, ”LIVE FOR THEIR CHILDREN”.  To an extent it’s fine.  There are situation where this is acceptable but for our topic today, Women need to know that their husbands are their utmost priority and vice versa. 
I was opportune to have a matured’  grown up conversation with two separate women concerning how they keep their marriage alive after so many years..
Woman 1 –  haha my dear she said,  we’ll we live it the way we see it.  The most important thing is we know we love each other.  When it comes to sex or love making,  it just happens when ever he wants.  The truth is most times,  with the children and our jobs,  who thinks about that one
Woman 2 –  hmm!  (with all excitement in her voice),  I try my best to keep it spicy.  It’s not easy I must say but I try my best to make sure at least every week,  a day is created for our special night.  It goes beyond sex or love making she said,  it’s just what ever makes us bond more and keeps our marriage fun and exciting.
After listening to those women and my mum,  I decided to do a small research as usual to tell us that we can make our marriages fun and exciting without it being stressful, time consuming or believing only white men and women have the capacity to do this things..
Below are some tips I discovered that could add some fun and excitement to our marriages.
1- most women think flirting ends when the man gets to propose. Well we are wrong.  Flirting and cyber flirting.  We need to know the right way to flirt with our husband. Send him romantic  text messages, if his on social media, do the same. Light some romantic scented  candles once in awhile in the bedroom 

2- COMMUNICATION IS KEY. Most women find it had to ask their husband “how was your day?”.   We need to learn how to communicate. Talk about everything and anything. Physical intimacy is very important, but an emotional connection is just as important.
3 –  there is what we call “SHOWER POWER” .  Most couple don’t bath together, even those that bath together don’t know there is a difference between ‘bathing together and showering together’  funny right?  Don’t mind me but there is more to showering together. You get to make out,  even if you don’t want to make out, showering together gives you time to talk about your troubles and fear and let it go ” down the drain” 

4 –  AT HOME DATING. for those that still have babies or little children, it might be a little had for you to go out, so home dating would be the best option.  Prepare for him (your husband),  send him an invite,  put on a romantic music,  have a little wine or dessert and spend time together.. Do things that you both like.  If  you both love movies, choose the movies together. 
5 – ROLL PLAY.  Ok, I know people will say this is for white people.  Well yes,  we mostly see this in American movies but to me,  it’s not a bad option.  At least once in awhile.
Finally,  little things count.  Nice hair, make up,  nice beautiful out fit.  Men want their women looking neat and attractive. Women, stop tying wrapper, wear good clothes.  Dye away the gray, if you don’t want to, style it and make it look beautiful. 
This information is for every woman. Young singles ladies like me,  don’t think this is not for you,  it’s never too early to start learning..  Please mothers, wives,  read and tell us the secret of keeping your love life alive even after marriage.  For all the  men reading this,  tell us what you like that we need to take note of. 
As usual, please read, comment, like and share. #We are in this together # Good night and God bless us all. 


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  1. Thanks a lot dear for this good work u have started. I hope everyone gets to read this,cos marriage shouldn’t be an end to the fun things you both enjoy doing as youths who are dating or courting for marriage. That special spice and freak on should always be there. Ladies and our mums, it is true o stop tying wrapper everytime like bathrobe or pyjamas biko. Lol

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