I finally watched the THE BEST MAN and THE BEST MAN HOLIDAY today,finished at around 2:15am on a Monday morning.. And I cried. A lot. Some people may think it is foolish to cry for and cos of a movie but I say only the brave at heart and the strong cry because when they look at their past and their life,their always a story behind their strenght .
I don’t know for you but for me ,The Best Man Holiday touched me so hard that I thought about life. About the past,present and future. The story of Mia Sullivan. How she lived her life, how she never gave up and she was a pillar to a group of people(friends). Though she messed up at a point in her life(yea who doesn’t make mistakes should throw the first stone),she did other good things, she never gave up on her love for Lance and her friendship to them all.
She never gave up on her faith, family and friends. Always tried to bring them closer than they use to be. She was a strong woman even till death. She thought them.how to forgive and let go of the hurtful past, to be united and always happy.
Funny thing is that,I watched this movie when I was younger (can’t even remember what it was all about then but my mum beat the shit out of us for watching it then) . I never understood what really it was talking about,about friendship, love,forgiveness,helping,and understanding. When Mia was sick I remembered how I lost certain people dear to me, how most of my friends never last,how I don’t even try to make them last. I thought about what friendship really meant,that through thick and thin you are always there to support, hold,guide,forgive and love them because from friends they turn family who you can’t do without. It made me also woudner what kind of person am I. Had to ask myself certain questions like
1)have I really been a good friend,sister, daughter.
2)have I made an impact in a persons life that will make them miss me,cry for me,think or me,never forget me,talk good about me if any thing happened tomorrow
3)have I ruined friendship or families or love among people or did I help make them.
It is not just about being a sister,daughter, girl friend, wife,in-law,mother ,it is how good are you at being that. It is about how you have impacted in the life of people around you positively, it is about how you have helped families resolve their differences, friends make peace etc.
Do you ignite the fire in them and leave it burning or did you try quenching it.
What did you do.

There is MORE TO LIFE……..Never forget that …

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