Today is world Poetry day…. Never knew such a day existed… So a friend of mine Maria, asked i write something for today. I promised i would once i get a chance. As i sat on a train from Gloucester to Bristol, i thought about how i felt years ago. When i had issues with school, when i lost my kid brother despite all we had to pray day and night and how i found it difficult to build back my relationship with God and the WILL to LIVE. I couldn’t understand why he had to die. I still don’t understand to be sincere but i am learning to keep trusting God…

Years ago i was lonely
I felt disserted by him who mattered most
My spirit was weak and i lost everything.

The courage to live was gone
Courage to pray lived afar
Drum of emptiness sounded aloud

Gradually the desire crawled back
From the deepest within
I desired for him yet again

He asked me to let go
Let go of the hurt
Let go of the sadness

Easy for him to ask
He is the most high
You have to believe he said.

Well i believe
But sometimes it is hard to see
Kissed me on my forehead,
With soft whispers he said
I love you!
And you are ENOUGH!

I decided to scribble something down saying how i felt. Somone somewhere is feeling lost, lost in a world you don’t understand despite your effort to… Well, try not to STRESS ABOUT UNDERSTANDING IT. You just have to LET GO and LET GOD IN.



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