I speak,not only as a human but as a girl
Not only as a girl but someones daughter, sister and wife
I write not only for myself but other women
I speak not only as a woman but as a citizen of Nigeria
Not just a citizen, a worried one
I write not just as a worried one but a concerned one
I speak as a concerned one
not just that but one with faith for its growth
I write not just by myself but as a team of women
I understand, educate a man,you educate one person
But educate a woman you educate a nation.
I believe a woman job isn’t just in the kitchen and the bedroom.
I want women to be respected as we well deserve.
I learnt, educate a woman and their community will prosper and the benefit felt through out the world
I know women, firm ,strong but heart of gold
I feel we have the power to do wonders,
If given the chance.
I stand and ask for women recognition all around the world
I salute all the girls, ladies, women and mothers
I ask that we be given a fair chance in the country and the world to prove our worth.
I stand not just to talk but to make sense.
I speak for women all over the world.
Happy international womens day to US.

Never forget …….There is MORE TO LIFE!

Photo source: Google.



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