There are times and situations we find ourselves and we end up questioning if something is wrong with us..

Today, i want you  to realise something. Do not ever feel your happiness, your joy or your success depends on anyone.

It doesn’t depend on your family, it doesn’t depend on your husband, wife, children, parents or job.

Your happiness, joy, peace and success depends on you. You can never control what anyone says or feels about you. But you can totally control how you feel and how you respond to everything happening around you.

Never think less of yourself. You were created and placed on earth for a reason. Your journey might look like its moving too slow,  sometimes, you might feel like your life is moving too fast and you have no control over it. Like you are in a fast moving train that you don’t know how to control and you can’t get off, never think of giving up. SUCIDE IS NOT AN OPTION.  It is not a way out..

You need to be strong and realize nothing negative is wrong with you and that, YOU ARE ENOUGH!

Reach out within for your happiness. NEVER GIVE UP ON YOUR LIFE. This phase you think is hard on you, is nothing but a PHASE . YOU ARE ENOUGH!

There is MORE TO LIFE……..Never forget that …


My name is Precious and I AM ENOUGH!

Picture source: Pinterest



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