The smallest gift, the greatest smile. That’s appreciation.
How many times do you say thank you. How often do you appreciate that person that ask how are you every day. That holds your hands while crossing that busy road, that buys you lunch even when he knows you have money. Do you say thank you those little things.
Some start complaining as to why he or she is doing that for you, if he thinks you can’t cross that road, or buy your lunch or carry your bag. People say “what’s the need in saying thank you for that little thing he did; he knows am happy so let’s leave it at that”. What if he doesn’t know? We think thank you isn’t important or is little that the receiver of the thank you knows your heart and he knows that you’re grateful. What if he doesn’t know? What if his just waiting to hear that thank you?
If you can’t say thank you for those little things what makes you think you can say thank you when someone buys you a car, or even pays your rent for a year or let’s move far by saying he or she buys you A HOUSE. What’s the probability that you will be grateful?
What the chance that you won’t complain why the house isn’t in this side of town that you like or how will be able to transport yourself to work every day.
Those are signs of INGRATITUDE
When you can appreciate the things done for you and to you.
If I help you with a little money or cloth and you don’t appreciate it, it makes it hard for me to help again because it will show that you don’t value that help I rendered no matter how small it was. When given things take it as if it’s worth the whole world. Value it, appreciate it, say THANK YOU. It doesn’t cost you anything to do so; rather the person will be so happy to help again.
Thank you goes a long way to help someone. It may not be today that your appreciative words can help you again but later in this life it will surely help you.
Show gratitude to your parents, for all they have done for you. For the little they contributed to your life, for that level of education they could afford because not everybody’s parents send them to school. Appreciate them for that cloth and food they gave you. For giving birth to you and not aborting you. For the roof under your head when you were growing up no matter how small the house was, you were not on the street. Say thank you to your parents for always praying for you even when you hurt them with your words and actions.

To your siblings: even though you’re older than they are, it doesn’t take you anything to say thank you when they do something for you. It shows you grateful and you teach them to appreciate because learning never ends. They can learn that from you.

Your friends and roommates: just for been your roommate is worth saying thank you because they practically make your life the way it is. That roommate in school that was always there for you, that had your back. That took care of you when your parents aren’t close to do that for you in school. For all the times he or she cooked for you, woke you up early for school or work or that important assignment and meeting you had. For having your back always never letting you go broke.
That friend that was and still is like a second family for you when you are away from home. Isn’t he she worth saying thanks you to? No matter how many quarrels and fight and insults you exchanged, she still got you. Say thank you

Your boyfriend, or girlfriend, Fiancé or fiancée, Husband, Wife: are they not worth saying thank you to for sticking around and understanding you and loving you even during the ups and down. Show him or her how much you appreciate them and value their presence in your life.

Your neighbor and colleagues at work: if not for those that work who we under value their presence in our lives and just tag them as mere colleagues, how do you think you day at work would be like. Who will you have to talk to always when you go on break or need solutions to a certain work issue or even just talk to? Your neighbor that is always there when you need something no matter how late at night it is. That welcomed you when you first moved into the building and became your friend.

Everyone is there in our lives for a reason and the earlier you realize that and become grateful for that and to them the early because they do a lot for you even without you knowing and appreciating them for that. Those that help you in one way or the other, the gate man that opens the gate for you, the woman or man that cooks your food, the nanny that takes care of your children, the person that cleans your house, the security that keeps watch over your house day and night, the taxi man that took you to your destination safely without accident, your children. Everybody and everything. Be grateful for it and them.
So leaving you a question and a food for thought. How grateful have you been this week and how do you show or do you just wait till you’re given the heaven and earth before you are grateful?




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