What’s your addiction? That thing you do too much. That thing you can’t do without. Which seems like a cage to you. Mustn’t be a bad thing.
Addiction comes in so many ways that we don’t know about. We see it as the normal things we do on a daily basis. Such as;
1) Your worry can become your addiction
2) Your phone can become your addiction
3) That your relationship can also become your addiction
4) That particular drink you can’t do without
5) It may be sex
6) Masturbation
7) Smoking
8) Alcohol
9) Food
10) Makeup
11) Sleep
12) Pictures
13) Shopping/buying new things
14) Fashion(latest trend)

The list goes on and on and on. Some may be wondering how some of the things listed above can be an addiction but I will expatiate, and when am done you will be able to tell yourself that those things you have been doing have unknowingly turned into your addiction. If yours isn’t mentioned ,you can leave a comment on what you think your addiction is.

WORRY: you maybe wondering how worrying can be an addiction. Do you realize that at least once or twice everyday you tend to worry about things such as; how your day will go, what you will eat, if your doing the right thing, how people see you, what people think about you, that job you don’t have r even that boy you want to impress. From telling yourself that its just for that day you will worry about those things , you find yourself doing the same things the next day and also the day after. Hence when you realize how much your doing such you tend to justify it by saying it’s normal. What makes worrying normal? One you either end up causing yourself high blood pressure, or you become depressed when after thinking you don’t me up with a good solution to your problems. A continual worry becomes an addiction because you think your helping yourself think about your life not knowing your only counting your problems and short coming for yourself and becoming down.

PHONE: Our phones are so much of an addiction to us that we don’t even know it. How many of us can stay a day without our phones? We start feeling itchy, incomplete. Our phones have become part of our lives that without it we feel like something is missing. We justify always having our phones with the excuse that “what if someone important calls me” , “ my phone has all my personal into and business in it” , “ my phone is my life because of the pictures and music and contacts I have inside “ and the excuse keeps coming. I remembered when I lost my phone I couldn’t cope. I was so restless for that one month. But I also realized that I became addicted to my phone because I thought my phone had all of me in it without knowing I am all of me. We can be on our phone and someone will be having a serious conversation with us , we won’t even know because our phone is already having its own conversation with us. The world maybe collapsing and we won’t know once we are on our phone. Which isn’t good. Let’s not make our phone an addiction, our companion, our friend etc.

Phones are good but too much use and importance we give our phones becomes an addiction. We are in the jet age doesn’t mean we should become addicted to it.


RELATIONSHIP : we loose our head when we are in a relationship. Its not bad to be in a relationship but how well so you prioritize your relationship. Do you put it over your friends, school, work, family. We tend to worship our partner ,to please them and displease ourselves. We put them way high up making them the center of your universe and are so focused on them that we don’t even notice their wrong doing. When they say jump we just ask how high without asking why. Don’t make that man or woman more important than yourself. You think about what they are doing, where they are, if they have eaten or not, if they are sleeping or not and forgetting that you are also a human being , and you begin to loose focus on other things, begin to loose yourself in the relationship, begin to mother or father them instead of just dating them. Don’t become do addicted in the idea of having a relationship of been in a relationship as a whole that you can see the clear picture even though he or she maybe using you. Sometimes we become addicted to pleasing our partner.
We also become used to the fact that we must be in a relationship to feel complete. Once out of a relationship we start looking for a new one. We can also be ourselves without a man or a woman as a lover or boyfriend or girlfriend.

FOOD AND DRINK: when you realize that there are certain foods and drinks that you must have a day before you have a complete day, then its not longer a normal thing. Its an addiction, because if you realize it when you don’t have that food or drink you won’t feel complete. When you feel down and need a consolation you tend to use food and drink as your consolation. It must be alcoholic food ,it can be soft drinks,juice,fruit wine, chocolate, pizza,cookies,cake anything. When we have this addiction we tend to abuse food and drink.


SEX: sex addition can be as a result of a traumatic past, abuse at an early age, used as a means to relieve stress, some use it as a form of therapy. Which isn’t supposed to be. They find solace in it even though they may or may not get that sexual satisfaction that sex is supposed to give. They do it because they want to do it, because they feel the craving, the urge. They can do it anywhere ,anytime, anyhow. When you find yourself in this condition ,there are other solutions to your problem not sex. Sex ought to mean something when its done, not just cos u want to do it and get on with it.


MASTURBATION: That my friend is an addiction that we over look. We take it lightly because we see it as nothing. We see it as just a means of relieving yourself when you have no one to help you or when you watch a sexual movie or read a sexual book. We do it without recourse but think about it, how many times do you do it in a day, week, month, year. You think its not an addiction. We blame it on been horny, but we both know its more than that. So the earlier we tell ourselves the truth ,the better for us having a chance at reducing it, which leads to stopping it in a whole.


SMOKING: Seems fun at first when you start. It begins maybe because your friends do it, because you want to feel among, because of the weather, because of the mood you find yourself in. But how many raps of joint or cigarette do you smoke in a day ,a week, also a month and a year. How much do you spend on it. Don’t you think its more than normal
Some even justify their smoking under medical issues. When you try smoking once you realize “ oh there is nothing in it, its not even that hard , just drag and release”. But what you don’t now is that the more you drag the more it kills you and the more you like it and the more you realize that in a day if you don’t smoke you don’t feel complete. You give yourself a justification that it just relaxes and calms you down from the stress of the day. That once a day won’t kill you. But how many once a day do you think you do in a month. Good health is life. Think about it

The same goes to ALCOHOL: From one cup or shot to half a bottle to a full bottle and then to two a day or more. Then bam your addicted to doing it everything. To getting drunk. And not feeling or taking it as something bad. Not good


SHOPPING AND TRENDING FASHION: Yes this I know I have because I love it and I told myself its just me taking care of myself. Not realizing that the amount I spend a month buying new things can be used for something else and better self. Am not saying shopping or taking care of yourself is bad , but to what extent, to what length, how far can you go. It got to an extent that I buy things that I know I won’t even wear. Things like heels ,just to be admiring them and later give it out. I had to stop when I realized I sped a lot on things I don’t even need. That’s why Economist will say “ there is a difference between want and need”. Someone can be broke and see something he or she wants ,they either buy it on credit or start borrowing money just to buy it. So why to shop, why must you have the latest trend in the fashion industry. Shoes, bags, jewelry etc just to end up becoming debtors to so many people.


So without going further, am sure someone is getting the point in what I am saying. We make certain things addictive without knowing and giving them the excuse that they are what we need at that point in time or that it makes us calm or even the fact that it means nothing.
Don’t you think its time to let go of that addiction, because it bring more harm than good both physically, mentally, emotionally and health wise. Its not easy, yes this I know because something that you are used to isn’t easy to quit but” a journey they say begins with a step”. Tell yourself I will stop, then stop those things that make you do those addictive things. Like drinking and smoking, start with hanging less at the bar, reduce the number of drinks and smoke you take a week then a day. Then sex, if you have a boyfriend talk to him about your addiction and talk about how you should reduce the sex. And if you don’t have a boyfriend but still have sex with random people, try reducing the number of times you have sex, stay away from those things that make you crave for sex, those thought that make you aroused. Same goes for masturbation, reduce the pornographic things you watch or read. Think less about it. Shopping, try to enjoy the little you have because if you check you may have money to keep buying but some of the things you buy, you end up not even wearing them at all. So if you see something you like and you know you don’t have enough money to spare for it, think about this “ it is really a necessity” , and if you know you have enough money to buy it ,think about those that don’t have money to buy a single pair of dress and you that have will you even wear it after you buy it or are you just buying it just to be among those that have it”. So these five point will and can help someone.

So ,what’s your addiction. How addictive are you to it. Have you been justifying it just so you won’t feel bad. There are so many addictive things we do as humans and over look them as nothing.

What do you think. We are open to discussion. If you have an addiction that isn’t listed here and you want to share, you can be helping someone help themselves.


So there is more to you as long as there is MORE to LIFE


DISCLAIMER: I don’t have rights to the above picture used. Picture source from Wikipedia



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