Dance is a way to express how you feel. That emotion you cant express with words,that mood you find yourself in, and how hurt you are. Dance is how someone who isn’t good with words uses to express his or herself.
People dance because they want to be heard, because they want to show love, because they want to makes others feel good and also for entertainment purposes. I dance to relieve myself of pent-up emotions, to help myself control my anger, to reduce the pain I feel, to stop myself from feeling down and crying. To be happy
When I dance I feel relieved, free and happy. I feel I can touch the sky because I feel elevated. Dancing is the one ting I do without having to talk. Most times, I cry out my emotions when I dance.
I know people often say, talking is the best therapy, but some also say its good to cry out. You feel better and it shows you are human. When I don’t dance, I write. I listen to songs which gives me inspirations to write and dance. I am not the World best dancer in fact, I am terrible to others but to me, I don’t mind because I don’t care what people think and I am not dancing to please anyone. I am either dancing because I am happy or to feel better. Funny enough, it works super fine.
People use the situation they find themselves or the emotions the feel to create damage to themselves or others. They say things that aren’t good and fair even if in most cases, they don’t mean it. They do things that they end up regretting later.
Even though I don’t dance well ( am actually terrible at it) I do it with great ease and joy knowing that I like what I do and it makes me happy and free. I put in all my guts, fear, emotions, energy and self into making myself happy through my dance because with the right music you can dance you sorrow away.
Dancing makes me feel anew, gives me a purpose, gives me hope that I can be better and it gives me this sense of fulfillment and pride that I conquered my demons(all the emotions you feel) without hurting myself and others. Don’t let your emotion make you and people determine who you are because, a sway in emotion will be concluded as who you are.
You don’t need to be perfect to dance, you don’t need anyone’s person to dance. With the right play list and a small space anywhere you are, you are good to go.
When you feel suffocated, when you feel like you cant do it anymore, when you feel like losing your wit, what do you do that makes you sane?

No matter the situation you find yourself, always remember that there is MORE TO LIFE…….

DISCLAIMER: I don’t have rights to the above picture used.
Picture source from wikipidea.



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