I’m not perfect
Just perfectly flawed,
With broken edges
That are curved & broad.
I’ve been ripped apart
Only to be stitched,
Sewn with resilience
And a little added bitch.
I’m a cocktail of disaster
A messed up recipe,
With a teaspoon of spice
And a dash of profanity.
I’m a hurricane
So beautiful to view,
Just not a storm
To get sucked into.
With a life forged
Full of rejection
I became perfect
A perfect imperfection
Source: Perfect imperfection.
I saw this beautiful poem on a friend’s blog and decided to share it with everyone. I love it because the writer knows she’s not perfect and decided to own her imperfections.
We all need to learn from this poem to be proud of who we are. You can only work on changing the bad things about you not because you want to impress anyone but because you know it’s the right thing to do… Let’s not forget this month of March is a month of “self forgiveness”. Realize your mistakes, own your past, forgive yourself and try to move own.
Every single thing you have been through is part of live molding you to become who you are expected to be.
It’s all about you….. Never forget that.


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  1. Perfect imperfection. Beauty in scars. Broken pieces. They make us more human. If channeled in the right direction and with the right energy.

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