I love the way you kiss my skin.
The after effect of your touch is amazing.
The glow you give me.
An Ebony Queen you make me.
You bloom and lay low.
Giving the sea an orange bow.
Sometimes you hurt me till I cry.
Because when I see you,I can’t help but pry.
To me,throughout the year,you awesome.
I marvel at your beauty,I love you SUN🌞
Poem by :Ria💋 (Akwaji Maria)
It’s a beautiful Saturday and a good day to enjoy the sun….. We are angry about the weather in Nigeria. While someone somewhere is praying to have a little sun.
It’s another day for someone’s celebration of wedding, birthday, engagement or random celebration somewhere especially in Lagos. I love the Yoruba spirit of celebration….. Almost every Saturday is “owanbe”. Today is a day to admire the beauty of the ☀.
Have a wonderful and amazing weekend…..


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  1. yes ooo. I complained so much about the weather being either too cold or too hot. But,we just need to be grateful at all times.

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