I would be sharing an extract from the book I’m currently reading titled “After by Anna Todd” on watt pad.
“People spend their entire lives making mistakes and asking for forgiveness, it is the natural cycle of mankind. It’s always been that way and every single religion has a tale of betrayal and forgiveness. Judas Iscariot is the most famous. Judas who was one of Jesus’s twelve disciples betrayed him for only thirty silver coin.
Jesus of course forgave him, that is the essence behind Jesus of Nazareth. “Forgiveness”. It is believed that Judas couldn’t live with the betrayal he had committed so he hung himself, the moral here being that even though he was forgiven by Jesus he was never able to forgive himself.
While he is worse, not being forgiven by the one you betray, whether it’s God, or someone else or not being able to forgive yourself? ”
I decided to share this so that we can all evaluate ourselves and see that no matter what we have done in life, we need to forgive ourselves….
On this note, I say a big happy new month to everyone.. Let this month be a month of forgiveness.
” I can say from experience, forgiving yourself for a mistake is one of the hardest things in life but it is necessary if you want to move forward “
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