In the midst of everything that has been happening in my country Nigeria, ranging from the issues of the cattle herds men to the issue of the snake 🐍 that swallowed 36million naira in jamb office. Well sometimes I wonder if “they” think we Nigerians are stupid. But that’s a topic for another day. Today it’s all about love and lovers. So let’s do that.
Valentine’s Day is a day that you either love or you hate. For those of us who have a special someone, it can be a day that is filled with gestures of love and kindness.
Most times I feel “valentine ♥” is awfully exaggerated. A lot good loving things happen don’t get me wrong but so many other negative things go down. Most people take advantage of this day in a bad way. Most don’t care, while the others, see it just like any other day. I feel this day goes beyond expressing love to your 👫, going for dinner, eating a chocolates or even having sex. But who am I? It’s just my opinion.

But what does Valentine’s Day really mean to you?

For some, it means a day to show the people in your life who you really care about that you love them. It’s not about gifts or expensive dinners or money—-it’s the thought that we have some pretty special people in our life and we are pretty darned lucky to have them.

So regardless if you are single, or in a happy relationship, this day is focused on showing love, to others and to yourself.
How did you spend your day?
Well for me, I started my day by going for morning mass. Yes today is also ash Wednesday and I am a proud Catholic. After mass, I did my little chores, had breakfast and spent hours baby sitting my neighbor’s amazing beautiful daughters (twins). Well after that, I basically did my writings and responded to some emails.
But I got a phone call from someone special and I was happy. I also got series of messages from friends and cousins and I appreciate them all and I love them all…
So my day was typically boring but I know most of you had a blast and sharing would be a very good valentine gift to me and other readers who had no one to spend the say with or those of us who our partners where very far from us. Let’s not forget those who are single at this period and those who had no time to do anything for themselves because of their busy work schedule.
Let’s Talk……
What exactly do you think valentine is all about?
What’s the best way to celebrate valentine?
For the ladies, how best do you wish your dream Val day could go?
How many of us think Val’s day goes beyond gifts , dinner and sex?
Tell us if you don’t mind how you spent your day..
It’s all about love and relationship today…….
I wish everyone today a beautiful and wonderful valentine.
Everyday should be a day to celebrate love.. We don’t need to only show or express it because it’s February 14…..
Do something special not just for your partners but for yourself. Treat yourself special today.
# self-love#
It’s all about you…. Never forget that…..


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  1. For me, I love gifts as a sign of love on Valentine’s day, but it goes beyond that tho, just being with family, friends and partner or boyfriend is love alone….they are important and special. We can show love by extending to the less privileged ones….I love the article

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