Happy new month.. It’s gradually beginning to look like I say happy new month or happy new year a week late. Well, I began my month with a very bad malaria. I can’t remember the last time I was this sick to the extent I was given an 💉 for my fever.. But thank God finally I’m supper better now.
Today I am sharing another poem that we need to keep in mind as we prepare for the up coming 2019 election.
Hear me and hear me right.
The talking drum has decided to speak.
We all have to listen.
We choose him because we trusted him
Our trust he has broken for our good or his?
Does he not see what the masses are going through?
Or has he turned blind as well as deaf?
They come out with sweet dreams only to turn out bitter
I don’t like bitter sweet things
Bitter when tasted and sweet when seen
Majority suffer while a few sing of his praises.
Soon it would be time to choose again
The right man I hope this time
It’s time we choose wisely
And stop selling our future for rice, tomatoes and wrappers
We no longer want old foolish men
Men with no wisdom
Not all old are wise and not all young are foolish
Enough is enough for the wise
For we no longer want experience as our teacher
He who has ears let him hear…………
Conga has spoken
Am only but a drummer girl
Which reminds me, if you are in Nigeria and you are 18 and above and you still don’t have your permanent voters 💳, then you are not serious..
We are quick to criticize the government or the person in power but we won’t move an inch to play our own part in selecting the best leader of your choice… To be totally sincere, I don’t have mine but I have started working on getting it. At least that’s a step. Let’s all go out there and do the right thing. Find out the closest unit to you and get your PVC or get yours transferred if you did it in another state.
Let’s not forget that it’s all about us, our country 🇳🇬 and our future.. Together we can make it.


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