Good morning everyone. For awhile I have been busy. But I decided to dabble a little into something that is currently happening in our country. People might call it politics but I call it our reality. I remember the first time I wrote an article about my view on a particular government in power when I was in secondary school, my government teacher discouraged me from publishing or writing such. For “your safety” she said.
But today I decided to write but this time, in a poem format. I just hope this poem speaks to us and helps us prepare for a better 2019. It’s our country Nigeria and we have the right to make it better.
I have sat for so long in silence
Wondering if no one will speak
We are silent; yes we have always been silent
Will no one speak?
Our silence has been taken for stupidity
They come out at that time of the year
With their fake promises
We would put air conditions in the air
And fight corruption till the end
Corruption they say?
But who is more corrupt than them?
He is working people say
But yet we see nothing
Remind me exactly what he is doing because I must have amnesia.
They say you dare not speak
You speak, you die
They put fear in our minds
As they rob us of our oil.
Before they say, go to school
It’s only through education you can make it
Now the song has changed
It has become, go into farming
But what facilities have you made available?
No jobs for the youths
Yet their unborn grandchildren, already receive salaries
You don’t pay your workers salaries,
Yet you find pleasure in erecting statues
Why are you then a leader?
They gather round and talk of how our money will be spent
Yet we see nothing it was spent on
You talk of empowering the youth
Yet you give them wheel barrows as gifts
Oh! Is that what you meant as empowerment?
See how their blood flows
Down to their own very river
The blood of the innocents
River Benue, the river of its people
We mourn for our lost brothers
We pray for their souls
But not as much as we mourn for our country
We are gradually turning this land of oil
To the land that flows of blood
Oh Nigeria! Nigeria my country
Is this what you have turned to?
No one sings praises of you again
Everyone is looking for away to break up with you
We are all looking for a white man who can give us everything.
They take our silence for stupidity
They call us the most patient people in the world
A compliment but yet an insult
I fear for our feature
Yes! Our future I fear.
Today I beat the drum to proclaim the truth
Hear ye! and hear it loud and clear
Claim not that you didn’t hear
For the drum of Conga will speak loud and clear.
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  1. Well done, the message is very clear and encompassing. Our complacent attitude as a people gives impetus to the courage of the rulers to perpetuate these illness that for long have kept Nigeria in bondage.

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