Dear aunty, I want you to write this down somewhere and never forget. Failure is not an option, and assumption is also an error.
I invited a loving friend of mine to church and he came along with his beautiful girlfriend Melvis. Somewhere between the sermon Pastor made an open call for anyone believing God for marriage this year to come out for prayers, hmmm, come and see bachelors and bachelorettes running to the altar to receive 2018 marriage blessing.
Me? I was just chilling in my chair, that one is not my consign. 😂😂😂
As my friend and i were gossiping to ourselves about the large number of ladies running to the altar, his girlfriend got up and walked to the altar, arhhh, okay, our gossip disappeared, and we just kept silent, it was like somebody poured ice water on his brain, he just remained calm.
After a few seconds my big mouth couldn’t hold it in, so i asked him “James, did you have a fight with your girl?” He said No.
“Are you guys having issues? He said no.
Then why are you sitting here when she’s outside with marriage people, why are you not stepping out to join her in agreement of faith?
He said because he doesn’t have marriage in his plans for this year, so he cannot go out to claim a blessing he is not ready for.
“Okay, but does Marvis know about that?”
He said no.
“Oh, that means you guys have never discussed marriage and future plans before?”
He said they have, but not deeply about marriage, just things about the present.
You see, I can’t stay in a relationship where i cannot look into the future and see myself standing by the altar in a black suit waiting for you in a white dress. I know that not all relationships end that way, but if i cannot picture you in the future I am building for myself, then there is absolutely no need investing my time, or wasting yours.
Dear aunty Marvis,
Alot of you are still hanging on to campaign promises, holding on to all the plans you made 3years ago when the relationship was still fresh, naaa, you need to learn how to set new goals every year. Do you know where your relationship is heading? Have you sat down to talk about 2018 with your man? Or you’re still assuming that all the things he said last year still applies to this year.
Call him up and ask him nicely;
“Baby what plans are we making this year? I would like to know so that I can be praying about them with you”
Find a way to talk about this darling, you might just be there thinking this year is the year, when the young man has plans of pursuing his masters first or going abroad before settling down. Don’t love on assumption, don’t step out to that altar believing he will step out with you, that was what Marvis assumed, but little did she know that the plans have changed.
Find a nice way to ask him, the year is still early to find out how you will be investing your time, energy and resource.
“oh he might think I’m desperate for asking”…
No, that is not desperation, you deserve to know if the goal is the same or if the plans have changed. Because he showered you with gifts last Christmas doesn’t mean the plan is the same, what he said last year doesn’t apply this year, ask him to confess them to you again to be show the focus is the same and feelings has not changed, it is your life. Don’t be the only one stepping out like Marvis, don’t be the only one praying for something the other person is not ready for, those prayers are only effective when two agree.
I hope you caught this very tight?
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Copied from – Allison Hyacintho.
If you don’t know him, you need to check him out on Facebook and I promise you would learn a lot from him. He is a great counselor.


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