Happy new year to everyone especially faithful readers of more to life…. Am sorry it took me twelve days to say my happy new year… I must say I was overwhelmed by the holiday that I became lazy to blog.. But am back to work and the holiday is over. We are all back to reality.. My prayer this year is that this year would be a better, fruitful and more successful year. Amen. For awhile I was tempted to ask what your new year resolution were but right now, I don’t think it’s necessary maybe because of what I read on my favorite radio show Facebook page Jela’s clinic.. “New year only exist in our minds. It does not exist. It’s simply a day after another day and it is a reason new resolutions fails. When we discipline ourselves, we have a new year everyday”…. by Benjamin Atomode II.
So I know a lot of people were waiting for my update on the remaining two days experience in calabar. Am so sorry I couldn’t post it. But I am going to give a very brief break down.
28th December 2017 It was in calabar I realized I had the calling of walking…. I did a lot of walking from one point to another and thank God to an extent I am petite so I could squeeze myself in and out the midst of people just to get a view of the dancers at every point. It was funny seeing a lot of people not minding standing on bill boards, statue of Mary Slessor, cars and even sitting on gates of houses along the road.

The above pictures were taken earlier in the day before the main show.. The truth is, I was so exhausted and tired of standing and walking that I left around past 7pm. A friend called me later that day to let me know that I had missed the main show. According to him, the main show started around 10pm and ended about 4-5am in the morning…. Well I guess I missed it but if I had stayed any longer, I probably would have collapsed.
29th December 2017 On this day, I didn’t even step out.. I came down with a little fever. I think it was the stress of the previous days. I was so angry that I missed one of the main days I was anticipating. Which was the day different artists had to perform live on stage… Well all in all, I had a wonderful holiday in calabar. An experience I wouldn’t exchange for anything.#Calabarcarnival2017#
More to life officially welcomes you to 2018. A better and bigger year for us all… This year, we are going to dabble into so many things that’s the more reason we need to make the blog better by redesigning first and adding other exciting features…. Please suggestions and opinions on how to make the blog better are welcomed..
Don’t forget Abazuom Precious is still trying to get use to blogging and is willing to learn in other to get bigger, larger audience.. We are in this together……..


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