It’s been fun all the way in calabar. I haven’t been able to share my experience and reviews concerning the carnival and places I visited, but today I would share two days experience at once…
26th December (boxing day).
Cultural carnival took place but I really didn’t observe it because I wanted to visit the famous Marina Resort. I went to watch accidental spy a Nigerian movie produced by one of Nigeria popular comedian named AY. The movie was very nice and thumps up to AY again for this one. This movie has been out for awhile although I couldn’t find the time to go and watch it. So if you are like me, find the time to entertain yourself with this movie.
My review about Marina Resort.
Marina Resort is supposed to be a very nice place. Well to an extent it was. I like the fact they had a boat ride which I have never been on and hope to do so before I leave calabar.
Film house is the cinema located in the Resort. Well, out of all the movies showing nation wide by film house, calabar was only showing 3 which I find disappointing to an extent.. I really wanted to watch Wedding party 2..
Another bad was the restroom of the cinema. It was so bad that it made the whole place smell especially the Screen 3 where I was watching my movie.. The same for the restroom outside. There was no water. Personally I think the manager needs to look into this.
On my way home from the resort, I walked to a place called De Choice eatery located at Marian . The place was lite. Hero (a brand of beer), was hosting a show in the premises. I gave myself a treat of Kpomo nkwobi.

It was so nice and perperish I enjoyed every bit of it. I don’t take alcohol so I enjoyed it with my cold bottle water.
Amazing performances by up coming artists, dancers and very funny Mc.
This place ended my day with fun.. It was fun all the way..
27th December (bikers festival)

My outfit for the day….. Through out my stay in Calabar, it’s going to be either sandals or snickers for easy movement…
Bikers festival was awesome. I wish I can share the video but I can’t because my blog hasn’t been upgraded to that version yet but I would share pictures.

Cross river state Governor’s scorpion power bike was the best. He has diligently followed the footstep of his predecessors…. They always find a way to make sure each year supersedes the other.

It was so exciting for me witnessing this first hand….
Today (28th December) would be the dancing competitions on the street. Am already there waiting for it to begin. The fun part is you can never go hungry because things are been sold everywhere..
Try not to miss out on Calabar carnival 2018….



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