For she wept bitterly
When she heard she was gone
Her mother
Her provider and protector
Suddenly started to smile
“it’s only but a dream” she said
Because I know it is
She would return soon
One day, it was dawned on her
It was no longer a dream
Her reality was her fear
Her hope was gone
In the midst of sadness
She must rise and be strong
To strive
And to keep moving
But I fear for her
She seeks solace
In the wrong things
In the wrong way
Will no one speak to her
For I pray for her
That her pain
Wouldn’t led to her mistake
I need her to know
We have all lost someone we love
We only need to let go
And do things
They would’ve been proud of.
This poem is for all those who lost their mother and loved ones… Always know that there’s more to life and God will always be your strength….
This poem was written by me.. I hope it speaks to the right person in the right way.
It’s all about you…………… Never forget that


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  1. 😊nice poem precious, but no matter what I still wish I could bring her back like I think of her every single day. Normally if she was alive and at home, I would be rushing to come back home after the semester to see her but now I hate my house. I can’t imagine going home like I loved to then.

    1. I understand Clementina and that feeling of wishing we would be “able to bring them back” would always be there. But there’s something you need to know, which is try your best to be who she would’ve loved you to be…
      Try as much as possible to see home the same way it was was when she was alive.. That’s one thing you owe her.

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