Today I want to talk about the slavery happening in Libya. I refused to put the actual pictures of the incident for those that are photo sensitive…. I got this picture I used above from Facebook. Truth be told, I don’t even know whose work it is. Am sorry for using it without your permission. 
​It has become rampant on all the social networks and most newspapers, the recent happenings  in Libya… 
Modern day slavery… I call it “modern” because, in this day and time, this sort of thing can be happening. It’s really appalling. It’s totally man’s inhumanity to man. So slave trade is no longer by whites to blacks, but now by blacks to blacks… Whether it’s blacks selling blacks, or white selling blacks or even white buying blacks, no body cares.. It just has to stop. What is happening? In the quest to find a better life, we end up trapping ourselves in the Devils den or worse, end up losing our lives.. 
When you ask yourself, why are people running out of the country? You don’t need to search too far for answers.. It’s totally staring right there at our faces. Poverty and corruption. The rich gets richer, and the poor? We already know the answer. We all know exactly what’s happening in Nigeria. It’s not a new story to be told… The economy is getting worse, graduates are at home doing nothing. Previously, we were told to go to school because that’s the only way you can make it. But now, we are been told to go into agriculture.. Thanks for the advice but what are the finances available to us? 
No body wants to stay in Nigeria any more. Everyone is looking for better opportunities. We all think leaving for Europe will be a better opportunity. Truth be told, despite not being too easy as we think out there, it is indeed better than Nigeria. Well that’s my view at the moment. 
My question is, is going through sea an act of desperation or ignorance? Maybe few people might have succeeded this way but the risk involved is something else. I really don’t think those involved would consider the risk involved. Most of us hearing and reading about this happenings will say “eh! Shebi they wanted to go to the country illegally, so they got what’s coming to them”. Let’s not forget that there are different categories of people there. There  are some who must have been denied visas a lot, some who don’t have the finances to go through the legal way, some who are just ignorant and some who are too desperate. What ever the case maybe, it’s not justifiable for them to face what ever they are going through in Libya. Imagine Libya… Chai! Brother selling brother for just $400 dollar. Equivalent of about 145,000 Naira. 
Who exactly is doing this selling? Are they the people been paid to cross this Nigerians and other blacks? The right questions needs to be asked and this act has to be stopped and the perpetrators be brought to justice…. 
Below was gotten from Daily post Nigeria. Femi Fani-Kayode, former Minister of Aviation, on Wednesday asserted that most Nigerians sold into slavery in Libya were natives of Igbo, Edo and Yoruba.

The two-time former minister asserted that 75% of those sold into slavery have their “organs harvested, bodies mutilated and roasted like suya.”

He maintained that President Muhammadu Buhari has remained silent over the issue because most of the victims were not from the North.

In a tweet via his social media handle, the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Chieftain noted that Buhari’s silence was an indication that the current administration is evil.”

Could this be the real truth or is it just a political statement? Be this allegation true or not, why is the government silent about this? 

One of the immigrants in the detention campswho was interviewed, a 21-year-old Nigerian man identified as Victory, said he left his hometown in Edo State and had spent more than N1 million and 16 months trying to reach Europe before he was captured and sold at a slave auction. ” ( Vanguardngr. Com) You can imagine, paying N1 million to be crossed to Europe. Most of us would say he could have invested the money. Well yes he could have invested the money but you don’t know what he must have considered. Shop rent, house rent and maybe how much it would take him to do what ever he wanted to do.. Don’t be surprised he must have sold everything he had to raise this amount of money. 

I appreciate the fact that most celebrities in and out of Nigeria, are coming out to speak against this.. But I have to be sincere to say it goes beyond coming out to speak against this…. We need action from the right source… 

Why is Nigerian government silent…? 

What can be done….? 

I Abazuom Precious C, stand against slavery….. 

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  1. really, i’m short of words….still shocking tho
    we need to improve our economy in Nigeria and that’s the first step to stop slavery
    we need to start from the roots

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