Good morning dearly beloved… It’s another beautiful Monday. The first working day of the week. Hope we all had an amazing and relaxing weekend.. For me I did. I got a mini birthday outing to SALAMANDER CAFE in Wuse 2 Abuja. Well, will tell you more about it later.
Today, I would like to share some inspirational words from Iyanla Vanzant. I watched a video of the interview she granted on OWN (OPRAH WINFREY NETWORK) and I decided to write down her words and share them with everyone… I hope you read and get inspired and motivated like I did because that’s the whole point.
Oprah: IS it selfish to put yourself first? 
Iyanla: it’s not selfish to put yourself first. It’s self full. It’s self full to ve the first, to be as good as possible to you. To take care of you, to keep you whole and healthy. That doesn’t mean you disregard everything and everyone. But you want to come with your cup full. “My cup runneth over” what comes out of the cup is yours, what’s in the cup is mine. But I’ve got to keep my cup full. 
Oprah : There’s no person in the world that you can find that don’t say “I just find it difficult to trust people” but you say that’s not the issue..
Iyanla : Learning to trust yourself is the real issue not learning to trust others.. Trusting yourself that you’re going to make the right choice. Trusting yourself that you can hear that voice and follow it. Trusting yourself that when people betray, abandon and insult you, that you would be OK. 
OPRAH : What about boundaries?
Iyanla : People violate you because you don’t have a clear boundaries, because you didn’t tell them how to behave in your life and they run amok.
Oprah : A lot of people hold back secrets about themselves from their family….
Iyanla : Guilt and shame. You have to love and respect people enough to tell them the truth. 
To end her inspirational words, she encourages everyone not to let your present situation pull you down. She gave an instance of someone saying  “Am a just a single parent and I can’t do it”. According to Iyanla, we should learn to STATE THE FACTS AND SPEAK THE TRUTH. This might be your reality but this story isn’t helping.. It’s OK to say “am raising a child without the benefit of a partner.  You need to acknowledge the fact that when you have God, you have it all. 
This new week, I would like us to keep 4 important things in mind.
 1)I want us to learn how to take charge of our lives. Try to be self full in everything you do from this week onwards. 
2)We should learn to trust in ourselves because that’s the only way we can move further… Self doubt is the beginning of your doom. It’s OK to think well and question your next step but remember you have a God whose ever ready to listen, guide and direct your every step…  
3) Let’s not forget we are in charge of whoever we let into our life.. The fact that they are in our life and remain there is our choice and don’t have the right to run amok…. It’s time we learn how to have a clear boundaries… 
4) No matter how difficult it’s going to be, let’s start this week to tell the truth… Say the truth to everyone you meet because you love and respect them. Let them be the judge of how they accept it. Don’t hide under the shadow of “not wanting to hurt them”. It’s going to be a gradual process getting use to. But get ready to keep it as part of your life. 

Am happy to have seen this post and like I said that’s the reason why I decided to share it with everyone.

It’s all about you……… Never forget that. 
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